Thursday, October 18, 2012

History of the Indian tribes of North America

Thomas Loraine McKenney, James Hall. History of the Indian tribes of North America with biographical sketches and anecdotes of the principal chiefs. Embellished with one hundred portraits from the Indian Gallery in the War Department at Washington.

First edition of v. 1 published by E.C. Biddle, Philadelphia, 1836. Volumes 2-3 published by D. Rice and J.G. Clark, 1842-1844.

Three frontispieces after Peter Rindisbacher and Karl Bodmer, and 117 portrait plates after Henry Inman's copies of the original oil paintings mostly by Charles Bird King, drawn on stone by Albert Newsam, Alfred Hoffy, Ralph Tremblay, Henry Dacre, and others, printed and colored by J. T. Bowen and others.


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