Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Cooper gallery

The Cooper gallery; or pages and pictures from the writings of James Fenimore Cooper with notes Susan Fenimore Cooper.
Published 1865 by J. Miller (successor to C. S. Francis & co.) in New York.
Artist: F.O.S.Darley, J. Hamilton, C.L. Elliott, J.A. Hows, C.Schuessele. Engraver: W.E. Marshall, R. Hinshelwood, J.D. Smillie, J. McGoffin, L. Delnoce, J. Duthie, F. Girsch, J. Wrightson, S.A. Schoff, T. Phillibrown, G.H. Cushman, Sealey & Smith, T. Taylor, Alfred Jones, J.D. Thompson, J.I. Pease, Duthie & de Mare, J.W. Paradise, B.J. Newnam, C.A. Jewett, W.W. Rice.


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